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On the approach is the modern Departmental Museum of Prehistory hidden away in the hillside.

The Museum exhibits just about everything there is to know about Solutré, which is such an important site that it gave its name to a whole Paleolithic period – the Solutrean.

For the adventurous and sure-footed this is also where the pathway up to the summit begins.

The Solutrean was about 20,000 years ago. It was a lot more chilly then than it is now. It was a time when mammoths, bison, reindeer, wolves and horses roamed the wintry landscapes, and when it was still possible to walk to England.

It was when Cro-magnon man and woman were hunters and followed the herds, and spent their evenings cave-painting and carving animals out of stone.

At Solutré engravings of horse heads were found, and it is the horse that gives the rock its fascinating and horrible allure.